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Longrich Growth Channel

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Simple, all you have to do to earn various rewards, bonuses and a weekly salary, is switch to Longrich. In order to qualify for our Partner programs and have a life time of financial freedom – 1. All you have to do is switch to Longrich by buying products for a minimum of 30000, 60000, 120000 naira… etc. You can resell them or retain for personal use, our products are amazing?? 2. Invite 3 people to join Longrich and buy products as you did. 3. You will also get Points we call PVs, for each person joining. These points will qualify you for various incentives like all expense paid trips, house, car, scholarship funds and a weekly salary, YES A WEEKLY SALARY, as you progress through our stages which we call Diamond stages, and Star Director Stages. Our points do not expire, and you qualify for sponsor tree points, to infinity. #longrich #longrichgrowthchannel HERBAL BODY WASH 300MSuitable for all skin types, best for sensitive skin. Rich in aloe vera plant essence, Green tea and vitamins. Deep moisturizer Contains sheep placenta and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Removes skin scars and blemishes, including stretch marks. Repairs damaged skin and restores natural complexion, Treats all skin conditions. BERRY OIL 120 capsules, protects heart, kidney and vision, rich in omega 3,6, 7 and 9. One of the top 5 anti-aging supplements in the world, guard for internal organs, helps to heal wounds, especially for ulcer patients. 3 before and after meals. BLOOD CHOLESTEROL REDUCING TEA Lowers blood sugar levels for diabetic patients, helps irregular heartbeat, aids tummy reduction, treats high and low blood pressure. HERBAL MOISTURIZING BODY WASH MOUTH FRESHNER aAids in breathing, helps to relieve cough, enables lungs to relax, treats sore throat, nasal congestion and aids in breathing. NutriVrich Raw food drink: 30 in a box. Boosts immune system. Reduces, stroke risk, heart disease and arthritis. Weight management . Good for nervous system. Stabilizes sugar. Reactivates dead cells, over 45 fruits and vegetables, fruits dried up with no preservatives… one sachet daily with warm water.

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